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Princess black mother of pearl hand mirror

Princess black mother of pearl hand mirror

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🌷 [Size]
7x15.7 cm (WxL)

Stainless steel, Epoxy, Mother-of-pearl, etc.


💛Mother-of-pearl Princess Mirror Part 2!
A little jewel in your handbag!
This is a black version of the natural mother-of-pearl princess mirror that is both practical and beautiful.
Accessories that make the way you look at yourself look more pointy!
Not just a mirror, a hand mirror made of natural mother-of-pearl can be an accessory.
The brilliant mother-of-pearl color of natural mother-of-pearl, which changes in various ways depending on the light, made the princess hand mirror even more gorgeous.
The simplicity of a shiny stainless frame!
The splendor of natural mother-of-pearl design on the back and handle of the mirror!​
Natural mother-of-pearl is beautifully embroidered with cutting and silk screen techniques.
The handle is also colorful with a butterfly pattern mother-of-pearl design, and the grip in your hand is great.
It is a size that is easy to hold in one hand and includes a dedicated silk pouch to satisfy practicality and portability at the same time.
This product has both design and practicality and is recommended as a simple gift to acquaintances or customers.🎁

The packaging case can be changed according to the production time.🎁

(It is a 100% handicraft product, so the color, size,design and picture may be slightly different from the detailed pictures.)

Country of origin: Korea

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