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Premium celadon double openwork tea cup

Premium celadon double openwork tea cup

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Cup: 9.2X10cm (Body diameter X Height with lid) (180ml)
Coasters: 13cm (Diameter)
Lid: 10cm (Diameter)
Tea strainer: 8.5X5.4cm (Body diameter X Height with lid)

🌷 [Component]
A cup, A coaster, Lid, A tea strainer


πŸ’› This is a luxurious tea cup with double openwork in traditional celadon.
It is double-layered, so the cup is not hot, so it is good to drink tea.
With a double openwork design, you can feel the rare and unique Korean celadon feeling.
Because the cup is made of porcelain, you can feel the temperature of hot tea for a long time.
And it has a luxurious openwork of hibiscus flowers, so it is good for a gift to a precious person.πŸ’•
Goryeo celadon-like teacup makes it easy to enjoy an elegant atmosphere at home or in the store.✨
Enjoy Korea's unique ceramic teacup right now!
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Origin : Korea

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