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Korean traditional mother of pearl Ilwolobongdo hand mirror

Korean traditional mother of pearl Ilwolobongdo hand mirror

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🌷 [Size]
7x7.5cm (WxL)

Stainless steel, Epoxy, Mother-of-pearl, etc.

πŸ’›It is a cute mini size mirror!!
Its small size makes it easy to carry in your small bag.
This is an automatic hand mirror with a luxurious and neat traditional design.

Ilwolobongdo symbolizes the authority and respect of the Korean king, and the king himself.
The sun and moon in the painting symbolize the king who always illuminates the world, the towering peak represents power, and the rolling waves represent the king's authority.
The pine tree, which does not lose its green color even in winter, is known to symbolize respect for the king and the immortality of the existence of the king.

This product has both design and practicality and is recommended as a simple gift to acquaintances.🎁
Made of stainless material, it can be used cleanly and like new for a long time, and the bottom surface is embossed to prevent slipping.

The packaging case can be changed according to the production time.🎁

(It is a 100% handicraft product, so the color, size, and picture may be slightly different from the detailed pictures.)

Country of origin: Korea

Materials: Najeon,mother of pearl,stainless steel,Epoxy
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