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Korean Tiger Doorbell Wind Bell

Korean Tiger Doorbell Wind Bell

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🌷 [Size]
63X150mm (WxL)

Brass, gold plated

💛It is a bell that makes a cheerful and clear sound when attached to the door.
It is a product made with the concept of the days of the tiger smoking, a traditional Korean story.
Since the old days, when the bell of the door is fluttering, I have attached a doorbell to say that good things and welcome customers come together.
It can be attached to the house, and it is convenient as you can check that customers are coming when you hang it in the store.
Because it is made with a casting technique, it has a light and clear sound that is different from that made at the factory.
It is recommended as a gift to your loved ones or friends. 🎁
Even those who receive it will be able to feel the good meaning and heart of the giver.
The pendant at the end of the bell looks like a tiger in an oriental painting.
It's cute that the tiger shakes every time the bell rings.
Even the stripes of the tiger are carved in detail.

There is a magnet on the back.
The magnet is strong, so it sticks to the desired place and does not slide or fall off easily.
Because it is a magnet, it is convenient to be peeled off and on.

(It is a 100% handicraft product, so the color, size, and picture may be slightly different from the detailed pictures.)

Country of origin: Korea

Materials: Brass,gold plated

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