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Korean plum white porcelain tea set (for 3 people)

Korean plum white porcelain tea set (for 3 people)

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🌷 [Component]
an earthen teapot ,a cooling bowl(sookwoo), 3 cups


πŸ’› White porcelain with graceful design!!
This is a three-person tea set with a sophisticated design made of white porcelain.
The color of the elegant white porcelain and the design of the blue plum blossoms are added to make it cool.
Cooling bowl(sookwoo) of Dagwan can be used more comfortably with a practical design.
You can use it as an interior accessory when drinking tea or treating guests.
It is also recommended as a housewarming gift or a gift to a loved one.

(There may be a slight difference depending on the monitor screen or lighting.
Because it is a handmade product, delivery may be a little later than expected.)

Origin : Korea

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