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Korean Najeon Hanji Mother of pearl Flower Songhak 2-stage 21cm jewelry box

Korean Najeon Hanji Mother of pearl Flower Songhak 2-stage 21cm jewelry box

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🌷 [Size]
21X14.5X10cm (WxLxH)

🌷 [Najeon Lacquerware]

Lacquerware decorated with luminous luminous plaques or abalone shells embedded in various patterns on the surface of lacquered bowls or furniture. In the manufacturing process, first, the shells of the clams are ground thinly with a whetstone, cut into rows, cut according to the pattern, and then freshly painted on the base wood. Beat the lacquer and earthen powder, apply evenly to the surface, make a hole in the mother-of-pearl with a bow according to the sketch, cut the pattern with a jigsaw, and attach it to the paper copy. After pressing it onto the base wood with an iron, remove the paper and add lacquer. The remaining paint is scraped off, polished with an iron, and polished to complete. The method of cutting the najeon to create a pattern is wrinkled (cutting the mother-of-pearl into a pattern), joint quality (representing the pattern by continuing the pattern according to the pattern composition), and cut off (a pattern by cutting the mother-of-pearl finely like a thread). There is a mosaic method of attaching to the part), but the cutoff quality was mainly used.

πŸ’› It is a luxury paper jewelry box that blends Korean paper and mother-of-pearl.
It is a jewelry box decorated with natural mother-of-pearl for traditional Korean paper.
The texture of Korean paper with traditional crane and flowers is used, and it is harmonized with the colorful mother-of-pearl, creating a luxurious atmosphere.
It is a jewelry box that stands out with a beautiful color through the advanced mother-of-pearl cutting technique on traditional Korean paper with its unique texture.
It is easy to store accessories and small items, it is good to use for decoration, and it is recommended as a gift to a close acquaintance. ^o^
The two-tiered interior is enough to store a variety of small items and accessories, and the floor is finished with a velvet so you can manage it without any flaws.

Because it is a handmade product, delivery may be a little later than expected.

Origin : Korea

Materials: mother of pearl,Najeon,hanji
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