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Korean Celadon Plum Haeng-go Vase

Korean Celadon Plum Haeng-go Vase

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🌷 [Size]
Total: 10.5X10.5cm (WxH)
Inlet diameter : 3.4cm


πŸ’› It is a product with plum blossoms drawn on a soft blue celadon.✨
A splendid flower design was expressed using inlaid and cinnabar techniques on celadon.
The entrance part is widely spread, and the part connected to the body is made in a narrow form.
The smooth curves in the round shape are beautiful, and you can feel the elegance and neatness.
The appearance of cracks on the surface is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the product is taken out of a kiln in a vacuum state after applying the glaze.
It's good for interior and it's good to use it as a vase.
It is also suitable for placing small flowers due to its small size.
It's not too flashy, so it won't spoil the interior and add elegance and luxury!!

(There may be a slight difference depending on the monitor screen or lighting.
Because it is a handmade product, delivery may be a little later than expected.)

Origin : Korea

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