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Korean celadon flower tea cup & coaster set

Korean celadon flower tea cup & coaster set

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Cup: 7.8X7cm (Body diameter X Height) (250ml)
Coasters: 13cm (Diameter)
Lid: 9.3cm (Diameter)

🌷 [Component]
Cup, Coaster, Lid, Teacup strainer


πŸ’› This teacup is made with the unique traditional celadon technique.​
The delicate celadon color is beautiful, so it is very luxurious when served with traditional tea.
You can also use a strainer to infuse the tea leaves.
This teacup set has a clean and traditional design that goes well with any room.
You can take it out and use it when an important guest arrives.
Add a traditional Korean celadon teacup to your collection!!
It is good as a gift to a loved one. .πŸ’•

(There may be a slight difference depending on the monitor screen or lighting.
Because it is a handmade product, delivery may be a little later than expected.)

Origin : Korea

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