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Korean bangjja yugi drinking cup

Korean bangjja yugi drinking cup

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🌷 [Size]
5X4.1cm(DiameterX Height)
(price per cup)



💛 It is a drinking cup with a soft straight design.
It is produced using a weaving technique by selecting the highest quality brass of 78% copper and 22% tin.
A brassware that stays cool over time!
Due to the brassware of the excellent heat and cold effect, you can enjoy the drink taken out of the refrigerator in a glass of organic sake until the last sip as if it had just been taken out of the refrigerator.
You can use it luxuriously with a simple and modern design.
It gives a delicate and elegant touch with a stable body line and a slim and simple shape.
Spend a special day with this cup at home party :D
It is also recommended as a gift.🎁

(There may be a slight difference depending on the monitor screen or lighting.
Because it is a handmade product, delivery may be a little later than expected.)

[How to wash before first use]
Add vinegar to lukewarm water enough to submerge organometallic products. (Water 1L: Vinegar: 3 tablespoons)
Soaking brassware(organometallic products) for 4-6 hours and then washing them with detergent can reduce the metallic smell unique to organic products.

[How to manage discoloration/stains while using organometallic products]
When both the brassware(organometallic products)and the exclusive scrubbing brush are dry, wipe it well according to the texture of the brassware product, and discoloration and stains will disappear.
After washing with detergent, dry well before use.

Origin : Korea

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